Hi, I’m Dave. Before I moved onto a sailing yacht with my wife and little boys, I was an academic, researching and teaching sustainability. Three years later, I’m a knowledge-coach to visionaries, and educator. From 15 October I’ll be writing “Think on… Thursday,” a weekly e-mail in which I share the most important lessons I have learnt, and those I am still learning.

My intent is not just to create content for you to enjoy and imbibe, in the hope that it sticks. You are welcome to do that, if you like, but I hope for more. Each weekly e-mail will include a lesson, task, or conversation prompt which I have designed around the content. These are things I have used with the visionaries I coach, with my own three young boys, with undergraduate students, and myself. Engage with the activities and give me 20 minutes of your week. Together we can transform your self and your understanding of the world around you, for the better.

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I’m not writing for everyone. If you are unsure about signing up, then take a moment now to envisage who you want to be in a decade. Where do you want your energy to be focused? Who do you want around you? What kind of life do you want to live? How do you want to be learning and making decisions?

When you have thought about that, click on the button at the end of this paragraph to reveal a list of personal qualities I think about when I’m writing to you all. It’s an “aspirational self”: something which most people could be if they committed to it over time. However, it’s a self that is not prioritized by the presently popular education systems or media. Finished thinking?

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Will the future you?

  • Be present in their present, and enthusiastic about their future.
  • Design their immediate environment and their self in synergy.
  • Find internal motivation in their learning and life. Not require validation.
  • Have abundant self-knowledge and well-calibrated self-confidence.
  • Centre their lives around and with the people they love.
  • Be widely knowledgeable, bordering on polymathic.
  • Contribute, positively, in many contexts. At the very least have a net-positive impact on the world.

If that resonates, then we are fairly well aligned, and you should sign up now using the form above. If your aspirations are in a different direction, no worries – you will be better served elsewhere.

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This is the first stage of a much larger project called Better Humans 2040. That was a working title to encourage a long term and contribution-centric approach while my team were helping me work out how to get into education again. But then I mentioned it to my wife and she laughed, then after staring at the stars for a minute said: “very you”. So that’s the name.

I’ll share a project vision soon and most of our journey will be made in public. For a little more about me see here; I’m also semi-active on LinkedIN, Youtube (soon) and Twitter.