Purpose and plans

My purpose is to contribute to a kinder, more human world. At least for the people I work with, and those they touch. I think about this through the lens of an aspirational self that is under-served in most Western education and media. Everything I teach and offer in public will help people who aspire to:

  • Be present in their present, and enthusiastic about their future.
  • Design their immediate environment and their self in synergy.
  • Find internal motivation in their learning and life. Not require validation.
  • Have abundant self-knowledge and well-calibrated self-confidence.
  • Centre their lives around and with the people they love.
  • Be widely knowledgeable, bordering on polymathic.
  • Contribute, positively, in many contexts. At the very least have a net-positive impact on the world.

What I’m Planning Soon

Here’s what 2021 will look like. Short, step-by-step courses that (if you implement):

  • Teach you how to read for learning – a lifelong skill that will compound every time you read a book. Also a phenomenally rare skill, judging by the number of people who reach for a highlighter (or equivalent app).
  • Show you how to consume media without it consuming you. Value practically immeasurable given the misery media consumption drives many people towards.
  • Enable you to optimize you personal knowledge management systems for deep learning and personal development (not productivity).

And a more substantial course taught over six weeks, Train Your Intuition, that will involve much more interactive time, community, and training on many of the less “shiny” things in life. More details about all of these courses will be available by the turn of the new year.

A good 2021 will see students who notice that their learning process transforms. Whether its 10 students or 5,000 I reach with these courses and group coaching, that’s the metric I care about for now. Anything less and I’d need to do some hard thinking about whether this is the right path for me.

If the numbers allow, I’ll hand that course-suite over to someone I trust (to teach or co-teach with me for a year); and move my attention onto a suite of courses around polymathy. At that point, I can also offer purchasing-power-parity pricing and other ways to extend the reach of the community: I’m already building connections with an eye to that. If the numbers don’t allow me to do that, I can do it a year or five later. That’s ok, too.

Later – towards Better Humans 2040

If the world wants what I think it needs, I’ll be able to take my educational mission further and broaden it significantly. To evaluate long-term learning from what I teach. To enable a community around it who will form the network to take this forward. To develop my own skills and expertise so that I’m capable of leading this (for a short while, I hope); or to find someone else I trust to implement.

More next year on this. At present, when I’m not swimming with my children, I’m focusing on 2021.