The course opens with guided reflective exercises. Do you already hear your intuition, or feel it, or make intuitive decisions? How well do they fit into your long-term aspirations? Or are you (like most people today) attempting to rationally calculate what the best choice in a given situation is, in isolation?  

Through workshops, guided discussions and peer-to-peer work in carefully curated groupsyou will discover how you listen to your intuitive insights, and how you can train themYou will learn how to encourage your subconscious insights and motivations to work for you, to guide you to the person you aspire to become and the life you aspire to live. 

As what you do falls into better alignment with what you believe, and your intuition starts to reflect your aspirations, stress will fall away. You will make better decisions in all aspects of your life and realize that you would be best making most of them without thinking too deeply. 

What's included?

14 hours of live interactive teaching over seven weeks

Modules and guided content each week in a variety of content forms

Facilitated networking

Step-by-step guides that you can put into practice alongside the course

Group coaching around implementation, and a continued education over e-mail designed to help you keep the transformation going

Access to the course content (and all future updates) for life

By the end of the course, you will...

Be able to listen to your gut feeling and use it as a window into your intuition.

You will unlearn the idea that decisions must be made consciously, following a rationale. Most life decisions do not have a right or wrong answer; simply different paths you can take. Your feelings, inner voice, or “gut” all give you insights from your subconscious. They tell you how well what you are thinking about aligns with your model of the world, and your ‘self’.

When you start to listen to these, you’ll know that you are an individual with your own motives and desires, and see what they are. Instead of following a “path” that other people walk or advocate, you can start to find your own.

Have trained your intuition to align with your aspirations in specific areas and know how to train it more broadly.

You will unlearn the idea that our intuition can only ever be a ‘base’ response, guided by our reptilian brain or cognitive biases that make it useless for decision-making. Almost everything about you can be trained if it is salient to who you want to become. The more trained your intuition is, the more often your automatic response will be the right one (for you).

Through the course, you will work on one area of your intuition. I’ll design what we cover to suit the cohort, but as examples: life design, finding blind spots in your thinking, instinctive decision making, reading other people, optimism… You’ll do so following a framework that you can then apply to other intuitive traits or capabilities that you want to change.  

The aim is that your  intuitive responses align with your long-term aspirations. That your subconsicous works to guide you in the direction you want to go. 

Have calibrated your confidence so that you know when to decide, and when to stop and think.

The two outcomes above combine to help you calibrate your confidence in your intuitive judgements. When a decision requires deep conscious intervention, you will know not to rush. You will by this point also have a working process to make such decisions well, so you can consistently walk your path.

Most of the time, though, you will be able to make decisions intuitively, and simply make them. Without procrastination, prevarication, or stress. Just make the decision, move on, make the next one, confident that it was the best decision taking into account everything that matters to you. 

Should I take this course?



  • You live a good life, but want a great one (and you’re not sure what that would look like, or which path to take to get there).
  • You feel that there is a mismatch between the decisions you make quickly, and what you believe is important for you to achieve your aspirations.
  • You’re already interested in developing your intuition, and want practical techniques to do so.
  • You believe that there is more to being human than attempting to be rational.

Then this course is for you



  • Your primary drivers centre around money or business, and you are happy that way.
  • You would currently rate your general mental health at less than 6/10. 

Then this course isn't for you

This iteration of the course is at the “good to great” end of self-development. And targeted to those who share at least one of these aspirations: to be present, family-centric, intrinsically motivated and polymathic.

Dr Dave C Beck

After a decade in academia, I now sail the world with my wife and little boys. My days are spent reading, learning, living and attending (to my family and nature).

Currently, I am a cognitive-coach to select visionaries – each of my clients hired me for something else, then upped my pay and asked to keep me. I have never advertised or marketed this service, and yet I cover the financial costs of my family’s amazing life in less than five hours a week.

This course, and my book Deep Life, are my first steps towards distilling what I do for those clients for wider consumption.

I am interested - what now?

Complete this expression of interest form and I will be in touch within a week or so to explain more. 

If I think the course is a fit for you, the price will be $2500. 


Will you offer a scholarship or discount? 

I hope to be able to offer a few spaces heavily discounted or zero-rate. If that’s a deciding factor for you, please first complete the expression of interest form and drop an e-mail explaining what you would offer to the cohort and why financial support is needed.

What time zone will the live sessions be in? 

My current expectations is to make them noon Eastern time. However, this will be adjusted depending on the geographical composition of the cohort. 

What if I cannot attend some of the live sessions? 

All sessions involving me speaking to the whole group will be recorded available to the cohort, along with the slides. To facilitate open discussion, small group sessions will not be recorded. 

Are there any prerequisites? 

No, none at all. I’ll be explaining from the ground up.

What is your refund policy? 

a) 30 days of purchase. b) at any point up to the end of week two IF you have attended the live sessions.