content creative, marketing, social media and all-around good person.

I am looking to hire a replacement for my current assistant who is starting a Masters course in September. Content creative, social media manager, marketing and all-around good person. More detailed job description below.

time requirement

25- 30 hours a week, remote.


Pay is negotiable, but likely in the range of USD $1500-2000 a month until the business is profitable (open to profit-share proposals too)

starting date

Mid August. Potential hires must be available for a 10 hour trial spanning the 9th -15th  of August. 

Job description:

All work will be remote, synchronous working will rarely exceed two hours in a week. I have no location preferences: I’m currently in Jamaica or Guatemala depending on when you read this, my assistant is in Malaysia and another member of the team is in the UK.

Your workload will average: 40% marketing copy and creatives, 30% creating organic content, 20% social media engaging, 10% self development. You’ll manage your time – I don’t count hours. If you find yourself with more than 30 hours a week of work, ask me to prioritise.

Creating content for marketing.

You’ll mostly be working from essays I have written, videos I have recorded, and notes I have made. It all relates to a book, several online trainings I’ll be running, and later online courses. We will need ad copy and creatives creating for each of these.

In addition, you’ll be creating content for posting organically on social media with two aims: to educate, and to build an audience (those are in priority order: education first). We use a content calendar so you know what you’ll be doing well in advance and can plan accordingly.

Outputs will likely include:

  • Ad copy and creatives
  • Creating content videos (edits, creatives, etc.)
  • Content descriptions
  • Content for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIN
  • Visuals and illustrations
  • Worksheets and other “good stuff”.

You’ll also be engaging as me on any platforms necessary (except Twitter, which I periodically work on myself).

The self-development time is to develop your skills and self. Rarely, I might encourage you to take a course, but this will mostly be self-led. I cover courses, books, etc. on expenses.


  • Able to complete tasks accurately to a high standard within a given time frame
  • Experience self-managing. Comfortable with “hands off” management periods (after a while).
  • Comfortable not having defined success criteria.
  • Wants to do good in work.
  • Some experience in marketing (does not need to be extensive)
  • Flexible with time and learning.
  • Academic qualifications are not a high priority.

Our tech stack currently includes (note: this will change in time)

  • Microsoft Office / Teams
  • Canva
  • Procreate
  • Filmora
  • Descript
  • Figma

If this sounds of interest take a look at www.davecbeck.com (the rest of the website) and @davecbeck on Twiter to get an impression of who you’ll be working for. Then fill in this short form – it won’t take more than 10 minutes, you’ll need a CV. The interview process for the role involves a 10 hour (paid) trial in the second week of August.

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