Buy the Beta (and it will be with you in October)

DEEP LIFE: How attending to the right things can guide you to your aspirational self

Who do you want to be? And how do you want to feel? Attention is what gets you there.
What do you want to have? Control of your attention multiplies your other capabilities.
DEEP LIFE will offer a guide to the power and use of our attention to manage our selves.  How you attend and what you put your focus on can change your personality, your capabilities, and how you think about your own life. It can remake you, or lead you further down the path you want to walk. It has certainly had both effects for me.
This is the fourth time I’ve sketched out what a book on attention might look like. I figure it is time to put pen to paper (or voice to text) and commit to finishing it. I’m drawing on my notes from 300+ books across a range of academic disciplines, thinkers and guides.

What do Beta readers get?

  • A bi-weekly e-mail through the writing process to keep you up to date.
  • The book at ‘beta’ stage, to be with you in October
  • The opportunity to be a part of the writing process (through your feedback).
  • A 90 min online workshop with me in November, only available for beta readers who send at least a line of feedback.
  • A print or electronic copy of the final book (which will retail for $25-30).
  • My gratitude for supporting this project at such an early stage, and whatever goodness I decide to throw out as a result of that feeling.

Dr Dave C Beck

After a decade in academia, I now sail the world with my wife and three little boys. My days are spent reading, learning, living and attending (to my family and nature). I am a cognitive-coach to select visionaries, working at most 20 hours a week.

Everywhere I go, I keep coming back to this book. So, I’m launching it now. Early.  

What will be in the book?

I’m designing the book to be directly useful to people. I’ll be writing out text related to each learning outcome below and testing it out in public. You’ll find a few of them further down this page.

Then, when I have a full draft, I’ll edit it for coherence and based on the feedback I receive. When that’s done, we’ll have a Beta version. That’s what you are buying now, and it will be with you in October.

Here is the table of contents, or learning outcomes, that I’m currently planning to write from. I am sure it will change over time but include it here to give you an indication of my route-map. (yes, I’m sure I will fall into the authorial bad habit of using obscure titles where a simple one would do.)

Writing Deep Life in Public

Deep Life is going to be a practical How-To guide, above all else. So, I am publishing short excerpts of the draft straight onto Twitter. The feedback so far has been invaluable in thinking about how to turn draft into Beta. Click through if you’d like to offer some thoughts, too…

Lovely feedback from twitterers