I coach high-performers who want to change the world for the better. Visionaries who want to improve their lives and develop their ideas. Executives who need help pivoting their work and lives from “success” to “contribution”. People in growth and transition, mostly.

I am not currently looking for new clients. But if you have been referred to me by an existing client or think working with me would help you make the world a better place, please fill out this form.

Group Coaching

The group of people I serve, those who want to be present, family-centric, intrinsically motivated and polymathic, currently struggle to find their community – I know this from feedback on my e-mail newsletter and other people I speak with.

Group coaching can provide collegial environment, with accountability if you desire it, encouragement and support if you need it, and the energy that only a group of people with common goals can provide. From later this year, I will be offering a group coaching programme involving two hours of live calls a month. And a series of short-trainings and exercises over the course of the year, along with a community forum and support.

My aim with this coaching is to help a group of people who share my aspirations to find clarity in their goals for life. And then, to align the actions they take with those goals, helping them develop their mindset, cognitive skills, and habits to enable them to BE that person. More intuitive, with a broader understanding, and taking an active part in designing how they live.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up for Think on Thursday using this form and I’ll let you know when I open this. By then, you’ll know me (and have an idea of how this will help you change your life), too.

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