Re-wire your Brain

Livewired, by David Eagleman, likens the neurons in our brains to countries competing for territory. Every time you learn or feel or move or hear, your brain physically changes. 3 lessons: Our neocortex is pluripotent. Blind people recognize tactile motion in their occipital lobes (where you ‘see’). Put on a blindfold, you start to do … Read more

What I really think about habits

Most self-improvement habits are masks; they let you be productive while hiding (and often reinforcing) a deeper problem. Instead, look for places you can make short term but persistent interventions. Fix the problems, then live your life without a schedule. Each problem you fix will compound on top of the rest and transform your life … Read more

Evolution is costly. Adaptation is complex.

Short summary Natural selection for humans has been driven by a world of threats. Most of which have now been eliminated. In The Story of the Human Body, Daniel Lieberman studies the insidious feedback loops that progress has set in place. 1- Our expanding brainpower was an evolutionary adaptation allowing us to think and co-operate … Read more

The promise and peril of social media

Short summary In the Hype Machine, Sinan Aral talks through the promise and peril of social media. Three lessons that will hopefully push you to being more intentional in how you use it: 1- Social media is designed to be habitual, to grab your attention and not let go. 2- It amplifies, scales and hypes … Read more


How do you pick books to talk about? I usually pick books that are useful for clarifying something, opening up a new point of view, or in helping me work out how I want to contribute to the worldand where my focus should lie in the future. I also find books from my resea when … Read more

How to become a better forecaster

In Superforecasting Phil Tetlock explores how his team of volunteer amateurs beat CIA analysts and University researchers at forecasting complex events. I draw out three points: 1- Some context on the project and forecasting in general. How do you measure a forecaster’s accuracy? What have a talking-head forecaster and a dart-wielding chimp got in common? … Read more