Are you creating value?

Are you creating value? And other questions you need to ask yourself as a (content) creator. Advice on content creation centres around engagement. From Minimum Viable Products to public beta reading to data driven writing, almost everything that an aspiring content creator is taught focuses on engagement. See what people engage with, do more of … Read more

Are you learning or being entertained by information?

When it comes to learning, there is a very important distinction to make between curiosity that’s based on what you really want to know and momentary, triggered curiosity. If you are not careful, you could spend your whole life being entertained by information.

What is Deep Work and how can you achieve it?

Deep work involves a close focus on one task or set of tasks, and the exclusion of irrelevant stimuli. Think of a blacksmith hammering a sword, or a coder resolving a complex issue. The world barely exists. You do your best work, build skills that enhance your quality of life, and give yourself meaning. Sounds good, right?